Dragon’s Fire

Red Tiger Dragon's Fire Jackpot Slot

You are promised up to 50 multipliers by this Dragon’s Fire daily jackpot slot, as long as you beat the fiery beast.

A well-designed Dragon slot machine can spark more interest than just about anything, and this game from Red Tiger definitely does that. On one side is a beautiful glowing egg and on the other is a sleeping stone dragon.

With the background displaying hordes of treasure, each symbol on the 5×4 reels matches the vision of the intense and fierce beast that we all love.

Every time you win you receive an increasing multiplier.

Most machines feature one large gimmick to keep you coming back for even more. The glowing egg is at the center of this Dragon’s Fire video slot.

With each win, you receive an increasing multiplier. Here it is a win on a subsequent spin unlike the Gonzo’s Quest game or avalanching reels from Moon Princess.

Granted, that makes it hard to catch getting those multipliers. Theoretically, you can receive up to 50x multiplier. However, you would need to have 50 spins with 50 consecutive wins to get that.

Very unlikely.

So how can you capture that big win?

That is the goal, right? There are basically two ways to do this, or actually a combination of the two.

First, there is the fact that although the dragon multipliers are reset on a non-win during the base game, on the free spin bonus it is not reset.

Also, you can enter with a multiplier into the bonus game, which can help you climb quicker and further.

However, with an average of 10 spins, what can you to to increase the multiplier even more? With help from the dragon who might wake up randomly and increase the multiplier 10x or provide you with wild reels to give you even more wins.

It is hard to tame this Dragon’s Fire slot.

However, it is definitely worth the effort. The slot game is fairly volatile, and unlike the bonus heavy machines like he Esqueleto Mariachi, 7 Features, or Snow Wild games, this one has one of the largest jackpots.

We understand that not everyone will like this fantasy-themed slot. However, for those people who love to escape into some fantasy and experience the thrills of seeing the huge eye open up on screen to give you wild reels or multipliers…

You know exactly what to do next.

Features of the In-game bonuses

Dragon Egg Multiplier: following any win, The Dragon’s egg on the right lights up. If on your next spin you win again, the multiplier is increased by one.

You can theoretically get up to 50x the value of the paytable as a maximum potential multiplier, but you need to win 50 consecutive spins for that.

That is because on a lose the multiplier is re-set, except on the free spins bonus rounds.

Free Spins and Scatters: Three random free spins scatter symbols will appear anywhere on the reels to trigger a random amount of free spins – which ranges from 8-15 free spins.

If you have an egg multiplier to start with your free spins round, then the multiplier is moved on to your free spin round.

Most importantly, the egg multiplier does not reset, so each win increases the multiplier and must be multiplied whatever is on the egg to begin with.

After the free spins are complete, the egg multiplier is still active and may continue to build, as long as you continue to win.

Dragon Eye Boost: This dragon can appear randomly on the reels and increases the egg multiplier randomly by 10 times the value.

Fire Blast: Fire is randomly breathed out by the dragon leaving flaming reels.  Once the fire disappears, you will find either wilds or scatters.


Dragon’s Fire is a Daily Jackpot Slot

Daily Drop Jackpot Slots: What You Need To Know

With Red Tiger’s latest Daily Drop Jackpots, you could win a jackpot day after day by playing slots designed to make it possible for punters to win a progressive jackpot.

In Daily Drop games, the huge pools of cash grow bigger progressively bet after bet. Just like any other progressive jackpot you know of, they grow continuously until someone wins them. What’s different about these jackpots is that they drop every day, unlike other popular online slots, such as Mega Moolah.

Each and every day, to help you keep track of the timing of the jackpot drop, each Daily Drop Jackpot has a timer linked to it.

Practical daily drop jackpot tips to help you out:

Game Selection

Mayan Gods, Thors Lightning, Rainbow Jackpots, Dragon’s Fire and Totem Lightning, among others are some of the games and casinos offering daily drop jackpots, be sure to choose from this limited selection.

Pick The Right Playing Time

Remember to play anywhere between 2 and 5pm Eastern Standard Time, which is just before the end of the day in the United Kingdom, to increase the likelihood of winning the daily drop jackpot. While you should be fearless when making bets, remember to stay within your budgetary constraints.

To Get a Chance, Play Red Tiger Games

These games offer a one of a kind gambling experience thanks to the High Definition graphics. Their inspirational gameplay and exciting audio visual experience are highly appealing to us.

Everyone Gets A Fair Chance

While the jackpots must be won within a 3 hour period, giving players some space for strategic planning, they are won randomly, at any amount and time. These jackpots have to be won each day, and this random nature gives all players a fair chance of success. When it comes to motivating players to return to the casino and play on a regular basis, you won’t find a better incentive.

Where to Play Dragon’s Fire in Canada

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