Totem Lightning

Totem Lightning Slot in Canada

With a Native American theme, the Totem Lightning daily jackpot slot by Red Tiger features a stunning design and entertaining play.  The reels feature playing card symbols A to 10 and are accompanied by 4 animal totems.  The bird totem is the highest paying symbol with a payout of 88, 388, or 888x.

Each spin has the potential for a winfall.  With the A to 10 symbols, winning combinations will result in the symbol disappearing, and make room of other symbols to drop in their place.  What makes the symbol drop feature of this game unusual, though, is even the symbols not on the winning payline also disappear.  For example, if you hit 3 10s, all the 10 symbols on the other reels will disappear.  When the new symbols drop and a new winning combination occurs, those will also disappear.  This continues until you either stop winning, or all the playing card symbols are removed, and you are left with just the totems. This gives the potential for huge wins.

Bonus Features

Lightning Strike: a randomly triggered feature on non-winning spins with bolts of lightning that remove or replace symbols until a winning combination occurs.

Totem Multiplier:  If you land the 3 scatter symbols, you will trigger this feature.  The totem multiplier is a totem pole with totems that show the number of times your bet will be multiplied.  The higher the number, the bigger the win.  Choose one of 5 pipes, and the number will determine how far up the pole you go.  Do this until you land on a “collect” totem.  Make is all the way up to the top of the pole and you will win 1000x your bet.

With its winfall or tumbling reels feature, you won’t miss the free spins that are usually featured in slots like this one.  Each spin has the potential for huge bonuses.  In my experience, I have made it all the way up the totem to 750x my stake – not bad on a $4 bet.

A hugely entertaining slot, this one is probably in my top 3.  I am a little biased on this slot; I won an incredible $70K CAD on Totem Lightning with Red Tiger’s Daily Drop Jackpot at Wildz Casino – see my incredible win here!

With its great range of features and stunning design, Totem Lightning is a winner in my book.


Totem Lightning is a Daily Jackpot Slot at Select Casinos

Defining Daily Drop Jackpot Slots

Red Tiger’s Daily Drop Jackpots offers a unique way to win a jackpot every single day. The average person may know about progressive jackpots but this is a wonderful way to have more fun than ever seen before!

With the Daily Drop game, it’s all about large cash pools and the ability to grow the pool larger as the game unfolds. It continues to grow until there is a winner and that’s what makes it entertaining. While Mega Moolah offers a chance to win big, these jackpots are set up daily and offer something unique.

With the Daily Drop Jackpot, it comes with a set time and is put up every day.

Let’s take a look at a few tips when it comes to daily drop jackpots.


Beginning with the games, there are only a few casinos that offer these types of jackpots. The games include Thors Lightning, Dragon’s Fire, Mayan Gods, Rainbow Jackpots, and Totem Lightning name a few.

For those looking to win the daily drop jackpot, it’s important to play between the set timeline (2-5 PM EST). Take the time to set a budget or make larger best to see if you can win big!

Red Tiger Games are Entertaining and Fun

It starts with the power-packed graphics, which lead to a more immersive gambling setup. The various sights, sounds, and the overall entertainment are impossible to ignore.


Each jackpot is fully randomized to make sure it’s fair. They can be dropped at any point during the established window. This means it’s important to time your entry and make sure the winnings are yours. When the daily jackpot is up, it can be quite an exciting time as players can see whether or not they have what it takes. This is one of those jackpots that continues to draw people every single day.

Where to Play Totem Lightning in Canada

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