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I love to gamble online and when I find great real money casinos, I am likely to play with them again and again. There are many reasons for this but one of them is for the loyalty bonuses that I can accumulate from being one of their repeat players.

Since my schedule is very busy, I need to be able to play whenever I have time to. Sometimes, after a hard day of work, I just want to kick back and play online slots on my phone. If you are like me, you’re probably wondering which of the casinos in Canada are the best ones to play at and which ones work great on mobile devices.

The Convenience Of Online Casinos In Canada

Being able to play at any time of the day or night that I want to is very important to me. With a schedule like mine, I may only be able to do my online casino gaming very early in the morning or in the night and they are open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for my gambling needs. Since I am a freelancer for work, I am often on the go. I take my laptop and I will play from that or my cell phone because the online casinos let me play from wherever I am at. It’s all about convenience and I love how these websites make it so easy for me to get in my gambling fun.

Know What You Can Spend When You Are Going To Gamble

One of the first things that I always advise people that want to gamble online is to make sure that they know how much they can afford to play with. Putting aside some money here and there will allow you to play without worrying about whether you can miss that money or not. I always know my limits when it comes to gambling so I can have a lot of fun while I’m playing. Learn more about Responsible Gambling here.

All of the casinos I recommend offer deposit limits* to you don’t even have to think about it.

Get Comfortable When You Want To Gamble

You’ll want to be as comfortable as you can be so that you can get the most pleasure out of gambling online. Be where you want to be and in the position thatworks for you. Your gambling endeavors are virtually at your fingertips so enjoy all that the online gaming options offer to you. Make the most every playing opportunity that you can get in order to win the most money possible. Take the risks that you have to and make sure that you take my advice about which online casinos are the best in Canada.

What I Look For In An Online Casino

Playing online is so much fun and I personally want to know what I am getting into. There are some things that I am looking for when I play with them. They are security, customer service, and bonuses. In order for me to want to come back, again and again, to play with them, they have to impress me. Here are the most important things that I want to see in a casino if I will be happy playing with them:

Game Selection – I am partial to video slots, but sometimes I like to play video poker or blackjack. My top 3 choices each have over 1000 slot games and a wide variety of table games as well. My favourite slots are produced by NetEnt, Red Tiger and Microgaming. You can find all three at my top 3 picks.

Security – I want to know that my personal information is always safe with them. They need to be licensed and regulated by the laws that govern online casinos. I do not want my information copied, shared or stolen by a third party when I am playing on their website.

I always check to make sure that they have a good website, an easy way to sign up, and protective protocols when I am putting my money in for deposits and a safe way to withdraw my winnings too. Knowing that my personal banking information is encrypted as well as my password allows me to feel confident in the way that they conduct business as a whole.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods – It is essential to me that it is easy to deposit and withdraw from an online casino. My top three choices offer tons of payment methods, and make withdrawing your winnings a breeze. There is nothing worse than winning big then having to wait several days for a withdrawal to process! You won’t have to wait longer than 24 hours at my top choices.

Customer Support – Customer service is very important to me. I expect to be treated with respect and the dignity that I deserve. Since the customer service representatives need to be professional, when I ask a question, I like to have it answered in a prompt and efficient manner. It’s always nice to have ample ways to reach them if I need to. That means that they will have the ability to handle my concerns online, by phone, and/or live chat if I need information about their website or a game that I am trying to play. I also appreciate that they give me advice if I ask for it, as well as taking my feedback or opinion on how they can improve.

Bonuses – The bonuses are a key reason why I choose to play at a particular site. My top picks all have great welcome bonuses. I also like the free spins and loyalty bonuses that good casinos offer. The progressive bonuses are also an added plus that most of them offer and they give me more chances to win. In my experiences, the bonuses should be attainable and at an impressive amount that keeps me interested in playing more so that I can win it.

My Picks for the Top Online Casinos In Canada

When I play online, I love to see the options available to me for winning the most possible money in a short period of time. Since I also love to be impressed by great graphics and the excitement of an online casino, I am looking for online casinos that want me to come back and play over and over again. Having played various places, I found three of them to be exceptional. Here are my top 3 online casino choices and some information on what all they have to offer you. They are #1, LeoVegas casino, #2,  Wildz casino, and #3, Casumo casino:

#1 LeoVegas

First in line with my top three choices for gaming in Canada is the fabulous LeoVegas. Since opening in 2013, LeoVegas offers a great array of tables, slot machines, and live gambling. They offer over 700 games with a total of the 34 Blackjack games for those that are into Blackjack. Evolution Gaming is their vendor of choice and their bonuses are very good too. Their customer service is excellent and it is offered 24-hours a day with various options for Canadian players to have all of their questions answered thoroughly. It uses the 2048-bit SS encryption, which is of the highest level that you can have for online casinos. Gamblers know that they are being taken care of well when they play at LeoVegas.

LeoVegas Casino Review

122 Free Spins on deposit!

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#2 Wildz

Wildz debuted in the early in 2019. After playing the games on this site, I quickly found out why other people were already creating a buzz about playing with them. This is a fantastic casino that had an unbelievable marketing plan behind it and it offers people just what they are looking in terms of the three important factors that I am looking for in online gambling.

New depositors can receive up to $500 in bonus money. That’s fantastic for an online casino and it shows how they want to create more of a buzz. Playing on this website is fast, easy, and exciting. The website has an elegant setup and no apps are involved in playing so you can just go on from your cell phone in an easy way. This online casino ranks in my top 3 for all that it offers to its players. I am a little biased about this one since I won $70,000CAD personally at this casino playing my favourite slots game Totem Lightning! Check out my big win!

Wildz Casino Review

500 Free Spins on deposit!

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#3 Casumo

The third casino that I love to play online in Canada is Casumo. When they opened in 2012, they wanted to create a new dimension for people to gamble and they sure did. With great bonuses offered that are up to $500 and 20 free spins to start out, I loved playing on their website. I received excellent customer service with professional members that really know what they are talking about. I felt most comfortable putting my personal details into their protected platform. The games that they offer are plentiful and they offer excellent options in terms of betting. Just for depositing money, players get a nice bonus with 20 free spins to start them out. Their website setup is impressive and easy to maneuver on.

Casumo Casino Review

20 Free Spins on deposit!

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Try your luck at these three casinos and I’m sure that you will have an engaging and fantastic time and hopefully you will also win. Let’s hope that you win big because the chances are very high that you will. Remember you can play at any time that you like and from wherever you are. Just go to the casino of your choice and start to play. You’ll be amazed at all the options you will have available for your gambling pleasure as you play in your comfort zone.

*What is a Deposit Limit?

A deposit limit is simply a setting on online gambling platforms that allows you to specify the maximum amount of funds you are willing to deposit into your account during a given period of time. It is important to note that you can still deposit less than the set deposit limit.

Most online casinos allow their members to set their daily, weekly and even monthly limits.

How Do Deposit Limits Work?

Each deposit made during the specified period counts towards the set limit, which once met cannot be surpassed. The limit only refers to deposits, meaning that any funds attributed to reversed withdrawals do not count towards the limit.

After setting the deposit limit, you can also increase or decrease it, afterwards to meet your changing gambling needs. However, this must be done in accordance to specific legal guidelines.

Decreasing Your Deposit Limit

Every time you decrease your limit, the changes come into effect immediately. This means that if you have already deposited an amount that matches the new limit in the current period, you will no longer be able to deposit more as the limit has been reached.

Increasing Your Deposit Limit

Every time you increase your deposit limit however, the changes only come into effect at the start of the next period. As such, if you increase your daily limit, you normally have to wait for 24 hours to one week before the changes can take effect. It takes seven days for changes to the weekly limit to reflect; and 30 days for changes in the monthly limit to take effect.

Changing The Frequency Of Your Deposits

You can also use the deposit limit settings to specify the frequency with which you wish to deposit a given amount of fund into your casino account. Whenever you make any changes to the frequency of deposits the casino will consider the effect of this change with respect to the existing deposit limit for the current period – does the new change work to decrease or increase the existing deposit limit? – before determining when to effect the changes, immediately or at the start of the next period.

These three best choices for online gambling in Canada offer deposit limits for your safety and enjoyment:

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