Citadel Instant Banking Casinos

For most people, online bank transfers have become an everyday part of life. Almost every individual is familiar with their bank’s internet user interface because it is regularly accessed when it is time to transfer funds to other people or pay bills. Online banking portals are trusted by millions of people all over the world because they are quick, safe and reliable.

Unsurprisingly, online casinos and betting platforms have also realized the great potential that these systems have. Citadel Instant Banking is one company that allows users to make deposits using their digital banking platform. With support from major banks all over the world, Citadel’s platform allows players in many different countries to make instant deposits securely directly to their casino accounts. This happens without casinos gaining access to sensitive financial data and information that belongs to their users. Also consider iDebit – it essentially does the same thing, but has more options available.

How to Use Citadel

In order to use this payment platform, you have to first open an account in one of the many trustworthy internet gambling platforms that accept deposit payments from Citadel. Once you have signed up at a gambling site, you should then go to their cashier platform and look for Citadel Instant Payment among the available payment options. In some instances, you may see Citadel specifically listed on the cashier page of the gambling site or you will see ‘instant banking’ options from which you can then select Citadel Instant Banking.

Once you have selected Citadel as your payment option, you then have to follow the prompts given to you by the casino cashier. The process of making deposits can vary depending on your country of residence and the bank that you will be using to make the transaction. In most instances, you have to begin by choosing your financial institution from a list of eligible brands that Citadel partners with.

After this, you may be redirected back to your online gambling portal. In other instances, you may be redirected to a website curated by Citadel or be provided with information on how you can make a manual transfer directly from your bank. In either scenario, you have to log into your bank account portal at some point in order to authorize your preferred payment.

It’s as simple as that! Once you have done this, your payment will be processed and sent over. In just a few moments, you should see your transfer reflect in your gambling or casino account allowing you to play for cash.

Advantages of Using Citadel Instant Payment

If you do not want to share your personal financial data with gambling websites, Citadel Instant Banking is the perfect payment platform. Since you only log into your bank portal, no third party or casino will get access to your financial data. This limits the chances of your identity being stolen or fraud exponentially.

If you also have any other concerns about online transactions, you can rest easy since all payments are processed by your bank. This means that your transaction will be handled through the strongest encryption and the most formidable security channels that are used by international banking systems to guarantee that payments are made correctly and securely globally.

Citadel Instant Banking is also ideal since it is very easy and simple to use. You do not need to sign-up or register to use this payment platform. Additionally, you do not need to memorize any additional passwords or login details.

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